Below is an assorted list of tutorials on how to do various Souls modding related things. If you have a tutorial that you would like to add, feel free to ping a wiki contributor or a staff member on the modding discord server.

Beginner Tutorials

Games Name Author Description
All Basics Schinken/JeNoVaViRuS First steps to do before trying to do anything related to modding.
All Learning to Mod FROMSOFT Games ft. Grimrukh LobosJr & Grimrukh Series of two-hour streams that serve as a pretty comprehensive crash course for beginners to FromSoft mod making. Please use DS Map Studio instead of "Yapped".
DS1 Modding Dark Souls 1 with Soulstruct (Basic Setup and Map Editing) Grimrukh Introduction to modding Dark Souls 1 (either version) using Soulstruct, an almost-all-in-one editor program by Grimrukh. Find out how to load a Soulstruct project, the different map entry data types, and basic character edits.
DS1 Modding Dark Souls with Soulstruct (Player Characters) Grimrukh Learn how to modify "player characters" like Solaire, Siegmeyer, and the Crestfallen Warrior in Dark Souls 1, including an introduction to talk scripts (ESD/EzState).
DS2: SOTFS Modding sotfs with ParamStudio (basic setup, tools required, general development workflow) TalkSickWaist Introduction to modding Dark Souls 2 (sotfs only) using ParamStudio v .5+, a parameter editor with handy meta links and powerful search capabilities. Find out how to start modding sotfs from scratch by unpacking your game, creating a ParamStudio project compatible with MapStudio that uses loose params, using ParamStudio to decrypt your regulation file, navigating MapStudio, and even how to clone bosses onto other maps as regular enemies.
DS3 Adding New Starting Classes to DS3 Anonim01 In this tutorial you will learn how to add new starting classes to DS3. It's recommended to take a look at the "Changing Starting Classes and Class Names/Descriptions in DS3" tutorial beforehand, since this video expands on it.
DS3 Anatomy of a Boss Fight: Iudex Gundyr (DS3) Katalash Learn the inner workings of how a boss fight is setup in DS3 (also applicable to other souls games).
DS3 Modding Movesets 101 - Basics of the Basics (DS3) WhurDaMuffinsAt If you're looking to get into modding DS3 weapon movesets, this tutorial is your starting point. It guides you through setting up all the necessary applications, gives some helpful tips, and provides resources for your next steps.
DS3 Modding Movesets - Muffin's Knowledge Compenium (DS3) WhurDaMuffinsAt A compendium of all my Dark Souls 3 moveset modding knowledge. I explain processes ranging from very simple to highly complex across all the relevant applications. Ongoing project, feel free to message me with contributions.
DS3 Creating a bonfire Evellyn Every step to create a new bonfire. Recommended as an introduction to understand modding.
ER Basics of Modding Elden Ring Rainer Learn how to use ModEngine 2 and Map Studio's parameter editing features
Meta Writing Better Modding Tutorials Challenger Andy A tutorial on tutorial writing. How to write better Souls Modding Tutorials. Includes formatting, advice, styles, and more using Google Docs.

Models, Textures, and Visual Effects

Games Name Author Description
All Editing Dummy points on flver models Halvard Learn how to edit Dummy points.
All Export Settings for .dds Challenger Andy Image export settings for .dds files across games.
DS1 How to port DS2 weapon models to DS1 PTDE Cyanic How to port weapon models (from DS2) to Dark Souls PTDE, add new weapon, itemlots
DS1 How to Make Object Textures Load in Any Map Thegreatgramcracker Learn how to make an object that normally only appears in one map have its textures load in any map. Otherwise the textures will be pure black in other maps.
DS1 FFX files for sfx explained Schinken/JeNoVaViRuS Layout of .ffx files for sfx explained
DS2 Changing the Characters & Objects in Cutscenes Challenger Andy Mostly details how to change the player character in cutscenes, but also how to change other characters and objects.
DS2 Changing SFX used by Objects Challenger Andy A short tutorial on how to change SFX that are directly linked to a map object.
DS3 FXR Editing: Combining FXR Challenger Andy Combining multiple SFX into a single FXR.
Sekiro SEKIRO Modding Tutorial - How to Import 3d Models (FLVER Editor 1.42) Skymoon This video tutorial will teach you how to do a model swap in Sekiro using FLVER Editor.
ER Creating Standalone, Retextured Assets Using AEGs and AETs Evanlyn Quick breakdown of how to create new, standalone versions of existing assets with new textures.
ER FXR Notes (Elden Ring) Challenger Andy, The12thAvenger, Rayan, ivi, Cccode Essential for SFX / FXR editing. Contains all Action IDs, EffectAs & EffectBs, Properties, and explanations of what all of that stuff does.
ER FXR Editing: Creating a New Functional FXR ID (with a New Texture) Challenger Andy Essential knowledge on how to create a new FXR ID along with a new texture and how to pack it into the game to be used. Includes a huge troubleshooting guide.
ER Custom Loading Screens Challenger Andy How to create custom loading screen images in Elden Ring.
ER FXR Editing: Identifying (& Removing) Parts of an FFX Challenger Andy Details how to identify constituent parts of an FFX/FXR through a variety of methods. Also details how to remove parts of an FFX.
ER FXR files for sfx explained Schinken/JeNoVaViRuS Layout of .fxr files for sfx explained [WIP]
ER Recoloring/Retexturing Models Guide Honor Knight Learn how to edit textures in Elden Ring using Photoshop or
ER Text Formatting Guide Challenger Andy, TKGP, ivi Tutorial/reference sheet on how to change the formatting of text. Make different sizes, colors, bullet points, and more.

Animations and Behaviors

Games Name Author Description
DS1 DS1 Custom Animation Rig & Tutorial InfernoPlus Animation rig for the player character and a tutorial
DS3 DS3 Animation Editing (Actual Animations) forsakensilver How to edit DS3 animations (not TAE animation events)
ER Elden Ring Animation Retargeting Rainer Learn how to retarget animations from enemies and NPCs onto the player
ER Basics of Dark Souls Animation Studio Rainer Learn how to set up and utilize DSAS before more advanced editing
ER Creating New Spellcasting Animations in Elden Ring Wëiss & Challenger Andy A guide in creating unique spellcasting animations using various modding tools, and pairing said animations with bullets/attacks to create new sorcery/incantation in Elden Ring.
ER F Wang's Guide to Sekiroesque Deflection and General Blocking F Wang Outdated Guide to deflections and blocking animations
ER F Wang's Heavy Attacks and Combo Chains without HKS/Behbnd Guide F Wang Make combo chain/heavy attacks without behavior editing


Games Name Author Description
All Learning How To Use EMEVD Geeeeeorge/King Bore Haha Tutorial on the basics of EMEVD.
All ESD tutorial with an example Schinken/JeNoVaViRuS ESD tutorial to add custom covenant rewards
All Advanced ESD tutorial Schinken/JeNoVaViRuS ESD tutorial to implement a full warping system
DS1 Dark Souls Event Scripting: Intro, Making a Mod p1, Making a Mod p2 HotPocketRemix Video tutorials for EMEVD. Uses older tools but is still a good high-level intro.
ER Intro to Elden Ring EMEVD thefifthmatt Guide to setting up modding tools needed for event editing, and a walkthrough of important concepts from both simple and complex event scripts


Games Name Author Description
DS1 Spell System Overview for New Spells in DS1 George/King Bore Haha Basic overview of systems required to make a new spell in DS1
DS1 How To Create New Spells In DS1 Schinken/JeNoVaViRuS + George/King Bore Haha Overview of what to do to make new spells in DS1
DS3 Adding a Weapon (DS3) Vawser Learn the basics of implementing a new weapon.
DS3 Adding a Moveset (DS3) Vawser Learn the basics of implementing a new move for a weapon.
DS3 Creating a New Moveset in DS3 Halvard Creating a new moveset for weapons (focuses on TAE and HKX)
DS3 DS3 How to Create a Trick Weapon Anonim01 Consolidation of info and discussions regarding the creation of trick weapons


Games Name Author Description
DS1 PTDE Dark Souls Custom Map Tutorial InfernoPlus Start to finish process for creating a map for DS1: PTDE. Partial Transcription
DS1 Adding Enemies (and making their AI work on different maps) Cyanic Adding enemies to a different map and making their AI work by editing the luainfo.
DS1 How to Generate New .breakobj Files Geeeeeorge/King Bore Haha Tutorial on generating new .breakobj files for maps with modified object placement (this fixes broken objects looking weird when save/quitting)
DS2: SOTFS How to Create a New Bonfire Desgeras Tutorial for creating a new bonfire in Dark Souls including a name and image
DS3 Dark Souls 3 Map Lighting Tutorial Abyss1ne Understanding the basic knowledge of DS3 lighting system, the GPARAM
ER Elden Ring Mapping Mini-Tutorials Evanlyn Brief tutorials for adding various, specific map features, like doors, traps, and elevators.
ER Modifying GParams (WORK IN PROGRESS) Rainer Comprehensive tutorial regarding GParams, what they do, and how to modify them.


Games Name Author Description
DS1, BB Special Effects and Terrains Grimrukh How Special Effects work, how to modify them, and how terrains use them. Focused on DS1, but also applies to Bloodborne.
DS2 Dark Souls 2 disable cutscene effects O Nobre Babuino How to disable the cutscene effects
DS3 Dark Souls III Modding Tutorial - How to edit Stayparam Anonim01 This is a tutorial on the topic of editing Stayparam. It's on Brazilian Portuguese, but there is English captions so everyone can understand it, I hope.
DS3, Sekiro, ER Create Bullets Using spEffects F Wang Small, 2-minute guide on the creation of bullets through SpEffects.
ER How to make buffs cast on both hands at the same time Syyyke Shows how to duplicate and edit spEffects to apply a buff to both hands at the same time.
ER Apply an sfx permanently to a weapon Schinken/JeNoVaViRuS Shows how to duplicate and edit spEffects and apply spEffect and an sfx to a weapon permanently

Hardcoded Systems

Games Name Author Description
All Crash Course in x86 Assembly SensePost Learn how assembly language works. Crucial when modifying hardcoded systems.
DS1 DS1 Loading Screen Items Grimrukh How to change the pool of items that randomly appear on loading screens in DS1 (both versions).
DS3 Debugging DS3 sfix How to allow debugging DS3 (Anti-anti-debug).
DS3 Debug Menu: Animation Viewer Challenger Andy How to quickly and manually play animations with a desired character using the Debug Menu.
DS3 Debug Menu: Attunement Slot Adjustment Challenger Andy How to equipped spells, miracles, and pyromancies without needing to rest at a bonfire.
DS3 Debug Menu: "Cheating" Challenger Andy How to perform actions that fall under the general umbrella of "Cheating" using the Debug Menu. Invincibility, One-shotting, parrying every attack, etc.
DS3 Debug Menu: Changing Debug Menu Formatting and Layout Challenger Andy How to change the color, scale, position, and font size of the Debug Menu window itself. Also includes information on how to open multiple windows and change list sorting.
DS3 Debug Menu: Control Guide Challenger Andy Details general debug controls, debug dash controls, free cam controls, and GUI controls. Essential knowledge for Debug Menu.
DS3 Debug Menu: Cutscene/Remo Viewer Challenger Andy Manually play and dissect cutscenes (remo). Useful for SFX/FXR editors in identifying what IDs are in the cutscene, as well as those editing or creating original cutscenes.
DS3 Debug Menu: Foot Effects & Decal Viewer Challenger Andy How to change (temporarily) and view Foot Effects and Decals using Debug Menu.
DS3 Debug Menu: FXR / SFX Viewer Challenger Andy How to spawn and view FXR / SFX in Dark Souls 3 using the Debug Menu.
DS3 Debug Menu: Display Hitboxes & Damage Statistics Challenger Andy Display character hurtboxes, damage hitboxes, and some damage statistics. Also allows identification of Bullet IDs, BehaviorParams, and other stuff.
DS3 Debug Menu: Inventory Manipulation / Item Gib Challenger Andy Useful for quickly adding (or removing) entire classes of weapons, armors, items, etc. at once to the player's inventory. Also includes how to spawn specific items.
DS3 Debug Menu: Playing as Enemies/NPCs Challenger Andy How to "play as" and control enemies, bosses, or NPCs.
DS3 Debug Menu: Player Stat & Covenant Rank Adjustments Challenger Andy Change stat levels; HP, SP, and MP amounts; Covenant Points and Rank amounts; and debuff resistance stats. Also includes information for manipulating enemy/NPC HP amounts.
DS3, DS1* Debug Menu Transcription Challenger Andy Transcription, Translations, and Explanations of DS3's Debug Menu. *Also helpful for DS1
DS3 Debug Menu: Troubleshooting Challenger Andy Troubleshooting steps for common problems when using DS3's Debug Menu.
DS3 Debug Menu: Save/Load Debug Workspace Challenger Andy Details how to save and load your current cursor positions in debug windows as bookmarks/loadable layouts, even between sessions. Fully describes SubWindow functions.
DS3 Debug Menu: SpEffect Spawner Challenger Andy Details how to spawn and view SpEffects (and SpEffectVfx) using debug menu.