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Tutorial wrote for DS1, but information applies to non-ds2 games.

Components of a bonfire

Basic Components

These are accessible through msb map modifying modding tools. This tutorial is written with DSMapStudio in mind, but all of these systems are accessible when using other tools (but may be named differently)
When modifying map files through DSMapStudio it's highly recommended you sort map objects by type. You can do this by clicking the down arrow near the top left of the window, to the right of "Flat View". Then select "Type View".

Map Object

Visual model of the bonfire.

Map Talk Character

"Enemy" used for the TalkESD dialog system. By default, bonfire talk characters are c1000. Must use an unused TalkESD ID, each individual bonfire uses a duplicate TalkESD file.

TalkESD Script

Script used for "Dialog". Used by Map Talk Character. TalkESD files can be found in the unpacked game folder "script\talk\*.talkesdbnd".

Spawnpoint (and Spawnpoint region)

Map event used for respawning after death. Refers to a region to use as coordinates.

"Player" map part

Map part. Used for warping.

Entity IDs & Offsets

Each relevant map component has a field named "EntityID" which is used as a unique identifier for various event scripts.

Other Components Components

EMEVD: RegisterBonfire()

How to move a bonfire

How to make a new bonfire


Use yabber to open up script\talk\XXXX.talkesdbnd for whichever map, duplicate a talkESD used for whatever bonfire, give it a unique name (which is used as the ID), insert it into yabber xml