Note: Many of these references need conversion and consolidation into singular wiki pages.


FMG names Names and locations of FMGs used for text in all games.
Lua Functions A list of functions used in AI scripts.
Lua AI Common Function Repository List of common lua AI functions with detailed usage. Made for DS1, but knowledge is very compatible with other games
Map List A list of map IDs/names for all games.


Bloodborne Common SFX Model IDs A reference list of common SFX model IDs.
Bloodborne Enemy List Link to google sheet
Bloodborne ID List Link to google sheet
Bloodborne Object Model IDs A reference list of object model IDs.
Bloodborne Parameters Link to google sheet

Dark Souls I

DS1 Animation Ids
DS1 Attack Animation Schema Overview of how attack animations are laid out in TAE files.
DS1 Boss Flags and Entity IDs List of boss defeated flags and entity IDs
DS1 CHR, OBJ, Model IDs Contains characters, weapons, armor, and objects. Includes cut/dummy content.
DS1 EMEVD Scripting Reference Darkscript 3 List of EMEVD command names in Darkscript 3 and their functionality in DS1 (also applies to some other FROM games)
DS1 FFX ID List List of FFX (visual effects) in DS1.
DS1 Fog Wall IDs Object IDs and matching FFX IDs and locations for each fog wall object in Dark Souls (both versions).
DS1 Loading Screen Items Details about the items/equipment that appear randomly on loading screens, and how to change them by editing the game executable.
DS1 Object List Link to google sheet
DS1 Parameter Dump Parameter dump. Contains some errors (usually bools in big parameters, like equipWeaponParam). Link to google sheet
DS1 Remo List List of remos (cutscenes) and tutorial on use.
DS1 sound files List of all sound files
DS1 stateInfo List List of SpEffectParam stateInfo with their uses and effects.
DS1 Stat Scaling Special Effects Info about vanilla special effects used to modify enemy stats.
DS1 Stun and Damage Level Info Info on special effect dmgLv, attack param damageLv, and associated animations
DS1 TeamType Target Info Info regarding TeamType targets
DS1 Unused VFX List List of unused SpEffectVfxParam IDs
DS1 Vanilla calcCorrectGraph Info on vanilla DS1 calcCorrectGraphs.
DS1 Vanilla Shops Info on vanilla DS1 shops.
DS1 Weapon Infusion Modifier Values A list of the (approximate) values and the calculation methods to obtain infused weapon parameter values.
DS1 WepmotionCategory List Descriptions of values that govern the animations used when wielding different weapons in DS1.

Dark Souls II

DS2 Character IDs
DS2 FFX ID List List of all FFX (SFX/Visual Effects) IDs.
DS2 FFX Notes Information useful for understanding modding of FFX (SFX/Visual Effects).
DS2 Part ID List List of weapon and armor model IDs. link to gist
DS2 menu Folder List Details the contents of the menu folders so you can more easily find what you are looking for.
DS2 Remo Codes List of cutscene IDs, used and unused.
DS2 Unused Collisions List of unused Collision IDs
DS2 Unused MapPieces List of unused MapPiece IDs
DS2 Unused Objects List of unused Object IDs

Dark Souls III

DS3 Alpha TAE Jumptable Names Link to gist. List of names for TAE jumptables found within DS3 alpha
DS3 Character IDs List of Character IDs.
DS3 Common SFX Model IDs A reference list of common SFX model IDs.
DS3 Debug Menu Transcription Transcription, Translations, and Explanations of DS3's Debug Menu. Also helpful for DS1.
DS3 FXR List List of DS3 FXR IDs.
DS3 FXR Notes Information useful for modifying DS3 FFX. Link to google sheet.
DS3 Lua Compendium Reference for DS3 Lua functions. Link to google sheet
DS3 Map Ceremony List Link to gist
DS3 Parameter Dump Link google sheet
DS3 Part ID List List of weapon and armor model IDs. link to gist
DS3 Remo (Cutscene) ID List List of Remo IDs for playing cutscenes.
DS3 Shop IDs List of vanilla shop IDs and merchant ranges
DS3 Sound Types List and information on sound types and sound banks.
DS3 Stat Scaling Special effects Info about vanilla special effects used to modify enemy stats.
DS3 All Unused Weapons All unused weapon model ids, names and descriptions in only a spreadsheet.

Demon's Souls

DeS Character IDs Link to google sheet
Demon's Souls Master Spreadsheet Params, IDs, and more
DeS Part ID list List of weapon and armor model IDs. link to gist
DeS Stat Scaling Effects Link to google sheet
DeS Translated Enemy Development Names Link to google sheet


Sekiro Character IDs Link to github
Sekiro ID list List of parts, characters, objects, and FFX. Link to google sheet

Elden Ring

Elden Ring All in One Sheet Spreadsheet with VFX, TAE, CHR, BEH IDs
Elden Ring AEG Reference Sheet Spreadsheet with IDs and descriptions for many AEG models
Elden Ring AI Goals & Params List of Elden Ring AI Goals & Params
Elden Ring Character IDs Spreadsheet of all model names like c2120
Elden Ring Enemy Locations Github page with all enemies grouped by character model
Elden Ring Entity IDs Github page with all entities by id
Elden Ring Event Flag Reference List of Event Flags used in Elden Ring.
Elden Ring FXR IDs FXR File IDs and descriptions of the SFX they're used for
Elden Ring FXR Notes Essential for SFX / FXR editing. Contains all Action IDs, EffectAs & EffectBs, Properties, and explanations of what all of that stuff does. Link to google sheet.
Elden Ring How to find unused ids in Elden Ring Spreadsheet describing which entity ids and event flags are usable, and all free event flag ranges
Elden Ring Item Lot and Shop Analysis Github page with lots, shops, and associated flags
Elden Ring Map List Complete structured list of non-trivial Elden Ring maps
Elden Ring Part ID List Github page listing armor and weapon parts
Elden Ring SpEffect Animations Github page with all animations which cause SpEffects
Elden Ring Stat Scaling Effects Google Sheet detailing how many enemies have which stat scaling SpEffects in which areas
Elden Ring Translated and Detailed Event Flag Reference A consolidation of translated event flag names and other sheets with more detailed info about each event flag

Armored Core VI

AC6 Event Flag Reference List of event flags used by AC6
AC6 FXR ID List List of SFX IDs (FXR) used to create the visual effects in Armored Core VI.
AC6 Map Names Names for base map ids and mission-specific maps
AC6 Map Parts Dump of enemies, assets, etc in all maps
AC6 Part ID List File names and images of equipment in the parts folder, which includes armor, weapons, and other equippable items.