Vanilla Shop ID Ranges

Merchants use defined ID ranges for their shop inventory, declared within their talkESD scripts using OpenRegularShop(rangemin,rangemax), sometimes swapping between different ranges when different conditions are met.

The attunement menu also uses a defined ID range, declared within the bonfire talkESD scripts using OpenMagicEquip(rangemin,rangemax).

Merchant ID Range Misc info
Undead Merchant (Male) 1100-1199
Undead Merchant (Female) 1200-1299
Crestfallen Merchant 5300-5599
Andre of Astora 1400-1499
Domhnall of Zena1 1500-1569 Available boss armor has their sold quantity event flags set to 0 via emevd.
Domhnall of Zena2 1500-1599 (info needed. DLC is present?)
Trusty Patches 1600-1699
Shiva of the East 1700-1799
Griggs of Vinheim1 2000-2019
Griggs of Vinheim2 2000-2099 After Logan leaves Firelink
Rickert of Vinheim 2100-2199
Dusk of Oolacile 2200-2299
Ingward 2400-2499
Laurentius 3000-3099
Eingyi1 3200-3209 Servant List only
Eingyi2 3200-3299 Parasitic Egg Head required
Quelana of Izalith 3400-3499
Petrus of Thorolund 4000-4099
Rhea of Thorolund 4200-4299
Oswald of Carim 4400-4499
Logan1 5000-5019 While in Firelink Shrine
Logan2 5000-5099 While in Duke's Archives
Darkstalker Kaathe 6100-6199
Giant Blacksmith 6200-6299
Vamos 6300-6399
Marvellous Chester 6400-6499
Elizabeth 6500-6599
Hawkeye Gough 6600-6699
ATTUNEMENT 10000-10099 Used for the attunement menu.