The ID of an attack animation can be determined by adding these three values together:

Offset Description
Category The ID of the TAE file in which the animation resides (corresponding to the general class of the weapon) multiplied by 10000. Check the value in the weapon's wepmotionCategory or refer to DS1 WepmotionCategory List.
Hand The hand in which the player is wielding the weapon. 3000 = right hand, 4000 = both hands, 5000 = left hand
Action The specific action being performed. Refer to the table below.

Action Offsets

Value Description
000 Quick attack combo A
001 Quick attack combo B
002 Quick attack combo A (repeated)
030 Stats not met
040 Quick attack combo A whiff
041 Quick attack combo B whiff
042 Quick attack combo A (repeated) whiff
100 Kick
150 Deflected A
200 Deflected B
201 Riposte A
202 Riposte B
203 Riposte C
300 Strong attack combo A
301 Strong attack after quick attack
310 Strong attack combo B
400 Backstab A
401 Backstab B
402 Backstab C
403 Backstab D
500 Running attack
600 Jumping attack
640 Jumping attack
800 Plunging attack start
801 Plunging attack continue
810 Plunging attack end
900 Quick attack after evade
940 Quick attack after evade whiff
980 Hornet Ring riposte
+5 Weapon at zero durability (added to other offsets)