Model ID Description
o000200 Messenger
o000210 Robe (for corpses?)
o000211 Crown of Illusions
o000221 Sealed Scroll
o000222 Gravestone (warping)
o000260 Messenger Lantern
o000300 ??? (three dummy bones)
o000610 Robed Corpse Bent Facedown
o000611 Robed Corpse Laying with Flowers
o000612 Robed Corpse Hanging Over Ledge
o000613 Robed Corpse Sitting Slightly Bent Over
o009900 Chair
o240000 Bell Lantern Statue
o240001 Lever
o240002 Large Window Pane
o240003 Wheelchair
o240004 Baby Carriage
o240020 Coffin (Wood)
o240021 Coffin (Ornate)
o240022 Bound Chest
o240023 Wood Case Covered in Cloth
o240024 Full Wheelbarrow
o240025 Wooden Case
o240026 Large Bound Chest
o240027 Sack
o240028 Barrel
o240029 Turned Over Broken Barrel
o240030 Sharp-Toothed Winged Statue
o240031 Standing Locked Coffin
o240032 Carriage
o240033 Door with Round Top
o240034 Ornate Street Lantern
o240035 Large Cathedral Urn
o240036 Small Cathedral Urn
o240037 Small Wood Box
o240038 Case of Six Vials
o240039 Small Ornate Door (Cathedral)
o240040 Small Ornate Door? Window?
o240041 Five Light Street Lantern
o240042 Craggy Tree
o240043 Double Street Lamp
o240044 Street Bench
o240045 Pedestal of Robe Woman & Messenger Statue
o240046 Vial
o240047 Top Hat
o240048 Shoe
o240049 Flatbed Wheelbarrow
o240050 Werewolf Hung on Stake
o240051 Hung Old Yharnamite
o240052 Case with Straps
o240053 Small Strapped Case
o240054 Open Briefcase with Papers
o240055 Small Wooden Box
o240060 Large Pile of Coffin, Sacks, Crates, Wooden Boxes
o240061 Pack of Six Vials
o240062 Barrel
o240063 Medium Strapped Case
o240100 Yharnam Door
o240101 Medium Double Door
o240102 Medium Sealed Door
o240310 Circular Elevator Platform
o240454 Standing Hunched Robed Statue
o240455 Small Standing Hunched Robed Statue
o240456 Small Standing Hunched Robed Statue with Staff
o240465 Pile of Twigs for Fire
o240470 Large Door
o240500 Yharnam Large Gate Door
o240501 Yharnam Extra Large Gate Door
o240502 Yharnam Extra Large Gate Door
o240510 — o240518 Yharnam Ladders of Increasing Size
o240519 Ladder Spiked Flat Top
o240520 Ladder Rungs
o240611 Hanging Body from Rusted Chain
o240612 Rusted Chain
o240801 Crow
o241000 Amygdala Spear Statue (Cathedral)
o241002 Small Hunched Robed Statue with Staff
o241002 Medium Hunched Robed Statue
o241003 Tall Hunched Robed Statue
o241004 Lumenflower
o241005 Lumenflower
o241006 Lumenflower
o241007 Bird
o241008 Bird
o241009 Medium Hunched Robed Statue
o241010 Large Window
o241011 Ornate Steel Door
o241012 Rusted & Limed Double Door
o241013 Single Wooden Door
o241014 Small Stool
o241020 ??? (Red Cross Case Pattern?)
o241030 Large Chandelier on Chain
o241031 Chandelier on Chain
o241040 Circular Elevator Platform
o242000 Ladder???
o242001 Tall Window (Breakable? Upper Cathedral?)
o242010 Tombstone, Flat Top
o242011 Tombstone, Curved Adorned Top
o242012 Tombstone, Rounded Point Top
o242401 Tiered Wheelchair
o242910 Small Ornate Door
o243000 Ornate Wooden Chair
o243001 Tombstone Passage to Old Yharnam (lever-operated)
o243002 Wheel Cannon
o243003 Weighted Pulley Elevator
o243004 Old Wood & Copper Door
o243005 DLC Lever
o243007 DLC Small Turret
o243010 Dog Cage with Wheels
o243011 Dog Cage
o243012 Medium Door
o243013 Brick Stone Square
o244510 Wheelbarrow with Two Coffins
o247001 Large Spiked Ladder (Djura?)
o247002 Large Steel Ladder
o249000 Carriage with Lamps
o249001 Large Orb of Wood Scaps?
o249002 Large Wooden Ringed Orb on top of Wood Scraps?
o249996 Rickety Steel Gate
o249999 Gunner Wheelchair
o292000 Small Treasure Chest
o292100 Treasure Chest
o293200 Djura Turret