Model ID Description
s08000 Gravestone with Flowers
s10000 Potion Bottle
s10001 Potion Bottle
s10002 Bullet
s10005 Handbell
s10006 Handbell
s10007 Handbell
s10010 Cocktail
s10011 Cocktail
s10012 Pebble
s10014 Oil Urn
s10016 Shaman Bone Blade
s10500 Arrow
s10501 Arrow
s11100 Dagger (WP_A_0200)
s11400 Silencing Blank Gun (WP_A_2550)
s11500 Spherical Pellet
s11501 Dart
s15000 Saw Cleaver Blade
s20050 Plane?
s21110 Executioner Axe (c2000)
s21170 Pair of Eyes (c1170_eye)
s21210 Broken Scorpion? (Object003)
s21210 Scorpion Parts? (Object009)
s62510 Snakelike Appendage (c2510_Body)
s62511 Snakelike Appendage (c2510_Body002)
s62512 Snakelike Appendage (c2510_Body001)
s63111 Small Ghost with Outstretched Arms (c3110_Ghost)