Dark Souls 1

Note: Many fields require the correct stateInfo in order to work. This may also apply to unknown fields or fields that seemingly do nothing.

Field Description
iconId ID of icon to use while effect is active
conditionHp Maximum percentage of HP required for effect to activate.
-1 = no requirement, 40 = less than 40% HP, 80 = less than 80% HP
effectEndurance Duration of effect (in seconds)
motionInterval Interval (in seconds) for specific effects to be reapplied. 0 = once per frame
maxHpRate Multiplies maximum HP. See bCurrHPIndependeMaxHP to determine how current HP behaves.
1 = default, .5 = -50%, 2 = +100%
maxMpRate Probably does nothing (needs confirmation)
maxStaminaRate Multiplies maximum stamina.
slashDamageCutRate Multiplies slash physical damage taken.
blowDamageCutRate Multiplies strike physical damage taken.
thrustDamageCutRate Multiplies thrust physical damage taken.
neutralDamageCutRate Multiplies neutral physical damage taken.
magicDamageCutRate Multiplies magic damage taken.
fireDamageCutRate Multiplies fire damage taken.
thunderDamageCutRate Multiplies lightning damage taken.
physicsAttackRate Multiplies physical damage dealt (post-defense, bypasses attack rating)
magicAttackRate Multiplies magic damage dealt (post-defense, bypasses attack rating)
fireAttackRate Multiplies fire damage dealt (post-defense, bypasses attack rating)
thunderAttackRate Multiplies lightning damage dealt (post-defense, bypasses attack rating)
physicsAttackPowerRate Multiplies physical damage dealt.
magicAttackPowerRate Multiplies magic damage dealt.
fireAttackPowerRate Multiplies fire damage dealt.
thunderAttackPowerRate Multiplies lightning damage dealt.
physicsAttackPower Adds physical damage to attack rating.
magicAttackPower Adds magic damage to attack rating.
fireAttackPower Adds fire damage to attack rating.
thunderAttackPower Adds lightning damage to attack rating.
physicsDiffenceRate Multiplies physical defense.
magicDiffenceRate Multiplies magic defense.
fireDiffenceRate Multiplies fire defense.
thunderDiffenceRate Multiplies lightning defense.
physicsDiffence Adds to physical defense.
magicDiffence Adds to magic defense.
fireDiffence Adds to fire defense.
thunderDiffence Adds to lightning defense.
NoGuardDamageRate Unused. Possibly multiplies damage against non-guarding enemies? (needs testing)
vitalSpotChangeRate Unused. Possibly multiplies damage when hitting a enemy's weak point? (needs testing)
normalSpotChangeRate Unused. Possibly multiplies damage when not hitting an enemy's weak point? (needs testing)
maxHpChangeRate Unused. See maxHpRate
behaviorId ID of BehaviorParam or BehaviorParam_PC to apply to the effect's owner. Requires stateInfo to function. stateInfo 142 applies non-player BehaviorParam for attacks only (not bullets). stateInfo 171 is used for karmic justice spell but has unknown, possibly hardcoded limitations (needs testing)
changeHpRate Increases/decreases HP by percent of max HP. -100 = heal 100% HP, 100 = remove 100% HP
changeHpPoint Flat increase/decrease to HP. -100 = heal 100 damage, 100 = deal 100 damage
changeMpRate Probably does nothing. (needs confirmation)
changeMpPoint Probably does nothing. (needs confirmation)
mpRecoverChangeSpeed Probably does nothing. (needs confirmation)
changeStaminaRate Does nothing. See staminaRecoverChangeSpeed
changeStaminaPoint Does nothing. See staminaRecoverChangeSpeed
staminaRecoverChangeSpeed Flat increase/decrease to stamina regeneration.
magicEffectTimeChange Does nothing. Lingering Dragoncrest Ring uses stateinfo 193 which checks for isExtendSpEffectLife.
insideDurability Flat increase/decrease to durability.
-100 = restore 100 durability, 100 = consume 100 durability
maxDurability Affects hits required before durability is consumed. 5 = +5 hits before durability consumed, -5 = -5 hits before durability consumed
staminaAttackRate Multiplies stamina damage dealt.
poizonAttackPower Poison status effect added/subtracted.
registIllness Toxic status effect added/subtracted.
registBlood Bleed status effect added/subtracted.
registCurse Curse status effect added/subtracted.
fallDamageRate Does nothing. Fall control effects use stateInfo 47
soulRate Multiplies souls received from enemies.
equipWeightChangeRate Multiplies maximum equip weight.
allItemWeightChangeRate Does nothing. Probable DeS remnant.
soul Flat increase/decrease to souls.
animIdOffset Offsets animation IDs. Frequently used to make enemies swap movesets.
haveSoulRate Multiplies the amount of souls granted after death. May only work when added via npcParam? (needs testing)
targetPriority Value added to or subtract from this character's priority in the target queue. Higher priority means they are more likely to be targeted by enemies.
sightSearchEnemyCut Reduces distance for enemies to see the effect's owner.
0 = default, 50 = -50% sight distance, 100 = -100% sight distance
hearingSearchEnemyCut Reduces distance for enemies to hear the effect's owner.
0 = default, 50 = -50% hearing distance, 100 = -100% hearing distance
grabityRate Multiplies animation speeds. 1 = default, .5 = -50% speed, 2 = +100% speed
registPoizonChangeRate Multiplies stat based poison resistance.
registIllnessChangeRate Multiplies stat based toxic resistance.
registBloodChangeRate Multiplies stat based bleed resistance.
registCurseChangeRate Multiplies stat based curse resistance.
soulStealRate Unknown. Internal description says 'defense against HP when NPCs are robbed by soul steal'.
lifeReductionRate Multiplies the duration of the status effect specified with lifeReductionType.
hpRecoverRate Multiplies healing received.
replaceSpEffectId ID of spEffectParam to add once this effect ends.
cycleOccurrenceSpEffectId ID of spEffectParam to add once every motionInterval
atkOccurrenceSpEffectId ID of spEffectParam to add to victim when the owner hits an enemy. Requires stateInfo 152 or 153 (and likely other values used for weapon buffs) to work (VFX present)
guardDefFlickPowerRate Possibly affects attack bouncing? (needs testing)
guardStaminaCutRate Multiplies shield stability. Requires stateInfo 158 (magic shield) or stateInfo 204 (great magic shield) to work (VFX present). Note that stability values over 100 nullify all stamina damage.
rayCastPassedTime Unknown. Only used for unused "Evil Eye". Internal description says "Gaze passing: activation time (milliseconds)."
changeSuperArmorPoint Flat increase/decrease to poise. Requires stateInfo 155 to work.
bowDistRate Modifies ShotRange (effective distance) for ranged weapons. 0 = default, 50 = +50%? (values needs testing)
spCategory Determines special effect stacking behavior; how effects will react when another effect in the same category is added. See spCategory Types
categoryPriority Used with specific spCategory values to determine stacking behavior. The higher the value, the lower the priority.
saveCategory Used to save effects so that they remain after quitting and loading the game. Only one effect per saveCategory is saved. (needs testing)
changeMagicSlot Increases attunement slots.
changeMiracleSlot Probably does nothing (needs testing)
heroPointDamage Flat increase/decrease to humanity stat. -1 = add 1 humanity, 1 = remove 1 humanity
defFlickPower Possibly affects attack bouncing? (needs testing)
flickDamageCutRate Possibly affects attack bouncing? (needs testing)
bloodDamageRate Possibly affects bleed damage dealt? (needs testing)
dmgLv_None Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
dmgLv_S Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
dmgLv_M Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
dmgLv_L Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
dmgLv_BlowM Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
dmgLv_Push Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
dmgLv_Strike Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
dmgLv_BlowS Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
dmgLv_Min Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
dmgLv_Uppercut Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
dmgLv_BlowLL Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
dmgLv_Breath Sets stun level. (needs additional info)
atkAttribute Physical damage type. 1 = Slash, 2 = Strike, 3 = Thrust, 4 = Normal
spAttribute Special damage type. Changes visual/audio effects on hit and death animations.
1 = Normal, 2 = Fire, 3 = Magic, 4 = Poison, 5 = unused ("egg"), 6 = Lightning, 7 = Petrification, 8 = Crystal
stateInfo ID of hardcoded system to use for unique effects. Causes effects itself and is necessary for certain fields to work. See DS1 stateInfo List. Also used for visual effects by referring to the ID of a SpEffectVfxParam to use if useSpEffectEffect is true.
wepParamChange Determines how specific fields, such as damage modifiers, behave with certain attack "categories"1. 0 = apply to everything, 1 = right hand only (removes effect if rhand swapped), 2 = left hand only (removes effect if lhand swapped), 3 = spells/status effects??, 4 = kick,falling damage?. (needs info and testing)
moveType Offsets character movement animations. Possibly refers to MoveParam? (needs testing)
0 = normal, 3 = chameleon, 4 = water, 5 = iron flesh
lifeReductionType Determines the type of status effect to modify the duration of using lifeReductionRate.
2 = poison, 5 = toxic
throwCondition Affects throws, such as backstabs and parrying. 0 = no change, 1 = Cannot initiate/receive throws, 2 = Allow riposte?, 3 = Allow coffin stab (as victim), 4 = Allow plunge?, 5 = Enable Hornet Ring offsets, 6 = Allow Dark Hand)
addBehaviorJudgeId_condition Used to prevent certain attack behaviors from occurring2. How values correlate with behaviors is unknown. (needs testing)
addBehaviorJudgeId_add Unknown. Never used. Internal description suggests that this is a constant added to all behavior judge IDs, but tests have been unsuccessful (needs testing).
effectTargetSelf Will affect the effect's owner.
effectTargetFriend Will affect the effect's owner's allies.
effectTargetEnemy Will affect the effect's owner's enemies.
effectTargetPlayer Will affect the player.
effectTargetAI Will affect AI characters? (needs verification)
effectTargetLive Will affect non-hollow humans.
effectTargetGhost Will affect hollow humans.
effectTargetWhiteGhost Will affect white phantoms.
effectTargetBlackGhost Will affect red phantoms.
effectTargetAttacker Determines if some fields, like HP modifiers, will be applied to the character who originally inflicted this spEffect on somebody else (the victim/current owner), rather than the victim. Effect must be added to a victim via Bullet, AtkParam, or equipParamWeapon. true = affects attack source character, false = affects spEffect owner
dispIconNonactive Unknown. Never used. Internal description says (approximately) "display icon even when effect is waiting to be active."
useSpEffectEffect Determines if visual effects via SpEffectVfxParam should be used. See stateInfo for the ID of SpEffectVfxParam to be used.
bAdjustMagicAblity Determines if certain fields will be modified by a sorcery tool's(?) magic adjustment. (actual conditions need testing)
bAdjustFaithAblity Determines if certain fields will be modified by a miracle tool's(?) magic adjustment. (actual conditions need testing)
bGameClearBonus Effect only applied in NG+
magParamChange Determines if certain fields, such as damage multipliers, will also affect sorceries and pyromancies.
miracleParamChange Determines if certain fields, such as damage multipliers, will also affect miracles.
clearSoul Sets soul counter to 0.
requestSOS Used only by White Sign Soapstone. Probably used for network matchmaking.
requestBlackSOS Used only by Red Sign Soapstone. Probably used for network matchmaking.
requestForceJoinBlackSOS Used only by (Cracked) Red Eye Orb. Probably used for network matchmaking.
requestKickSession Possibly kicks all clients out of your world.
requestLeaveSession Used only by Black Separation Crystal. Probably used to leave network sessions.
requestNpcInveda Used only by Black Eye Orb (Lautrec quest and cut Shiva quest)
noDead If true, character cannot die (may be DSR or debug build only? needs testing!)
bCurrHPIndependeMaxHP Determines how current HP behaves when maximum HP is modified.
true = current HP will not change, false = current HP will change with max HP
corrosionIgnore Possibly makes owner immune to durability damaging effects? (needs testing)
sightSearchCutIgnore Possibly makes owner ignore sightSearchEnemyCut? (needs testing)
hearingSearchCutIgnore Possibly makes owner ignore hearingSearchEnemyCut? (needs testing)
antiMagicIgnore Possibly makes owner ignore Vow of Silence? (needs testing)
fakeTargetIgnore Possibly makes owner ignore Aural Decoy? (needs testing)
fakeTargetIgnoreUndead Possibly makes owner ignore Alluring Skull? (needs testing)
fakeTargetIgnoreAnimal Unknown. Never used.
grabityIgnore Makes owner ignore grabityRate.
disablePoison Makes owner immune to poison.
disableDisease Makes owner immune to toxic.
disableBlood Makes owner immune to bleed.
disableCurse Makes owner immune to curse.
enableCharm Possibly makes owner vulnerable to Undead Rapport? (needs testing)
enableLifeTime Possibly makes effect end when owner dies? (may require stateInfo, needs testing)
hasTarget Unknown. Only used for unused "Evil Eye".
isFireDamageCancel Unknown. Never used. Does not grant immunity to fire damage.
isExtendSpEffectLife Determines if effectEndurance will be affected by stateInfo 193 which is used by the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring.
requestLeaveColiseumSession Used only by Purple Coward's Crystal.
vowType0 Effect usable while in no covenant.
vowType1 Effect usable while in Way of White covenant.
vowType2 Effect usable while in Princess Guard covenant.
vowType3 Effect usable while in Warrior of Sunlight covenant.
vowType4 Effect usable while in Darkwraith covenant.
vowType5 Effect usable while in Path of the Dragon covenant.
vowType6 Effect usable while in Gravelord Servant covenant.
vowType7 Effect usable while in Forest Hunter covenant.
vowType8 Effect usable while in Blade of the Dark Moon covenant.
vowType9 Effect usable while in Chaos Servant covenant.
vowType10 Never used.
vowType11 Never used.
vowType12 Never used.
vowType13 Never used.
vowType14 Never used.
vowType15 Never used.
spCategory Types

List of known spCategory types, which determine effect stacking behavior; which special effects are permitted to be active while other effects in the same category are also active.

Value Description
0 Permits stacking multiple different effects simultaneously, but forbids stacking the same effect multiple times.
1 ? (needs testing)
10 Similar to category 0, but allows stacking the same special effect multiple times.
20 Adding an effect that is already active will cause it to be reset. Notably, this resets duration.
100 Most recent effect added will remove older category 100 effects entirely.
110 ? (needs testing)
1000,1002 Effect with the higher categoryPriority will stay active. Lower priority spEfs are added, but will not activate as long as another effect with the same category and higher priority is active. If the higher priority effect is removed, the lower priority effect will become active. Higher categoryPriority values have lower priority.
1001 ? (needs testing)
10000-10006+ The first effect added will stay active, and any additional effects with the same spCategory will not be added.