Dark Souls 1

Used for shops and spell attunement.

Merchants use defined ID ranges for their shop inventory, declared within their talkESD scripts using OpenRegularShop(rangemin,rangemax), sometimes swapping between different ranges when different conditions are met.

Spell attunement also uses these params for the attunement menu, which is just a modified shop. It also uses a defined ID range, declared within the bonfire talkESD scripts using OpenMagicEquip(rangemin,rangemax).

See DS1 Vanilla Shop Info for additional information regarding vanilla ShopLineupParams.

Field Description
EquipId ID of item sold.
Value Cost of item sold.
mtrlId The EquipMtrlSetParam to use when attuning a spell.
eventFlag The ID of an 8-bit event value that stores sold item quantity. Used for any items that are not sold infinitely.
qwcId Unused in DS1. Was used for World Tendency in DeS.
sellQuantity Maximum amount of items that can be sold. -1 for infinite. Requires an eventFlag for quantity sold to be saved.
shopType normal shop = 1, attunement menu = 2
equipType Type of item sold. Weapons = 0, Armor = 1, Ring = 2, Good = 3, Attunement = 4