Params are general-purpose configuration files used in all of the games. Tools to edit params can be found here.

Note: This page is rather outdated and DS1 focused. Please use the definitions provided by Dark Souls MapStudio to learn more about params across all of the games.

This is a resource for most of the param structs, including those not yet added here.

List of most/all of the param entries in DS1.

Param Description
AtkParam Used for attacks, damage, and misc
Bullet Used for projectiles
CalcCorrectGraph Used for input-output calculation curves, such as with weapon scaling and stat effectivity
EquipMtrlSetParam Controls materials
EquipParamWeapon Controls weapons
EquipParamProtector Controls armor
FaceParam Controls character creator settings for human NPCs
ItemLotParam Controls treasures and drop tables
Magic Used for magic, such as spells and miracles.
NpcParam Controls NPCs' and enemies' stats
ObjectParam Used for objects
ObjActParam Used for object interactions, such as doors and treasure chests
ShopLineupParam Used for shops1
SpEffectParam Used for status effects, buffs, and more
SpEffectVfxParam Used for visual/audio effects in specific cases. Usually associated with SpEffectParam