Dark Souls 1

Attuning and casting magic spells in DS1 requires data in several different parameters. The Magic parameter is primarily used for organizing the magic's effects, requirements, and casting conditions.

Field Description
yesNoDialogMessaageId Message ID to display when cast? (needs verification) See opmeMenuType.
limitCancelSpEffectId Never used.
sortID Used for the sort order of magic in menus.
refId ID of Bullet Parameter or Special Effect Parameter to use for the spell. See refCategory to set reference category to Special Effect or Bullet.
mp Never used.
stamina Never used. Subtracts the amount specified from the player's stamina when the spell is used (or marked "used" in the TAE).
iconId Icon ID to use
behaviorId Never used.
mtrlItemId Never used. (may possibly require items for attunement or casting? needs verification.)
replaceMagicId Never used.
maxQuantity Maximum uses a spell has.
heroPoint Never used. Subtracts the amount specified from the player's humanity when the spell is used (or marked "used" in the TAE). Spell use is restricted if player doesn't have enough humanity to cast it.
overDexterity Unknown.
sfxVariationId SFX to use during casting, determining visual and sound effects to.
slotLength Attunement Slots required to attune.
requirementIntellect Intelligence required to cast.
requirementFaith Faith required to cast.
analogDexterityMin Unknown. Possibly dexterity's effects on cast speed (needs verification).
analogDexterityMax Unknown. Possibly dexterity's effects on cast speed (needs verification).
ezStateBehaviorType Tool type required to cast. Sorcery = 0, Miracle = 1, Pyromancy = 2
refCategory Which parameter category refId will refer to. Bullet Parameter = 1, Special Effect Parameter = 2
spEffectCategory Not fully known, but likely determines which magic potency-boosting Special Effects apply to this spell. Sorcery/pyromancy = 3, Miracle = 4
refType Which animations will be used for casting.1
opmeMenuType Menu type to display when confirming casting? (needs verification)
hasSpEffectType Never Used.
replaceCategory Used to offset refId with resonance level or covenant rank.2
useLimitCategory Prevents casting when another active effect is using the same category. Values correspond non-equally3 with Special Effect Parameters categories. (correspondence needs verification)
vowType0 Magic usable while in no covenant.
vowType1 Magic usable while in Way of White covenant.
vowType2 Magic usable while in Princess Guard covenant.
vowType3 Magic usable while in Warrior of Sunlight covenant.
vowType4 Magic usable while in Darkwraith covenant.
vowType5 Magic usable while in Path of the Dragon covenant.
vowType6 Magic usable while in Gravelord Servant covenant.
vowType7 Magic usable while in Forest Hunter covenant.
vowType8 Magic usable while in Blade of the Dark Moon covenant.
vowType9 Magic usable while in Chaos Servant covenant.
vowType10 Never used.
vowType11 Never used.
vowType12 Never used.
vowType13 Never used.
vowType14 Never used.
vowType15 Never used.
enable_multi Magic can be used in multiplayer? (needs verification)
enable_multi_only Magic can only be used in multiplayer? (needs verification)
isEnchant Present on weapon enchanting magic. Effects unknown.
isShieldEnchant Present on shield enchanting magic. Effects unknown.
enable_live Magic usable if the user is human (not hollow)? (needs verification)
enable_grey Magic usable if the user is hollow? (needs verification)
enable_white Magic usable by summoned white phantoms? (needs verification)
enable_black Magic usable by hostile red phantoms? (needs verification)
disableOffline Magic cannot be used when offline? (needs verification)
castResonanceMagic Tells server when cast to create a resonance sign? (needs verification)