FaceParam contains the definitions for custom player characters that are used by human NPCs. You can modify the look of existing NPCs or create brand new characters for your own custom human NPCs. Most fields directly correspond to a setting in the character creator, so build your character first, then copy the necessary information into the right fields to see results.


- Gender is set by charaInitParam not faceParam
- The fields related to decals are most likely for tattoos, but they have not been tested successfully, so they are unknown for the time being.
- All fields that do not have partsId in the name accept values from 0-255.

Dark Souls III

Field Description
facePartsId Age, Musculature, and Body Hair
0 = young, 1 = mature, 2 = aged 0-2 = standard 10-12 = thick 100-102 = muscular 110-112 = thick & muscular
skinColor_R Base Skin Color Red
skinColor_G Base Skin Color Green
skinColor_B Base Skin Color Blue
hairPartsId Hair
0 = bald hairstyles in order from left to right, top to bottom: 112, 1-11, 101-111
hairColor_R Hair Color Red
hairColor_G Hair Color Green
hairColor_B Hair Color Blue
eyeLPartsId Left Pupil
0-2 = normal 3-5 = light 6-8 = dark
eyeLColor_R Left Pupil Color Red
eyeLColor_G Left Pupil Color Green
eyeLColor_B Left Pupil Color Blue
eyeRPartsId Right Pupil
0-2 = normal 3-5 = light 6-8 = dark
eyeRColor_R Right Pupil Color Red
eyeRColor_G Right Pupil Color Green
eyeRColor_B Right Pupil Color Blue
eyeBrowPartsId Brow
0 = none eyebrows in order from left to right, top to bottom: 1-16
eyeBrowColor_R Brow Color Red
eyeBrowColor_G Brow Color Green
eyeBrowColor_B Brow Color Blue
beardPartsId Eyelashes
0 = none 1-3 = eyelashes
beardColor_R Eyelash Color Red
beardColor_G Eyelash Color Green
beardColor_B Eyelash Color Blue
accessoriesPartsId Beard
0 = none beards in order from left to right, top to bottom: 1-11
accessoriesColor_R Beard Color Red
accessoriesColor_G Beard Color Green
accessoriesColor_B Beard Color Blue
decalPartsId Unknown
decalColor_R Unknown
decalColor_G Unknown
decalColor_B Unknown
decalPosX Unknown
decalPosY Unknown
decalAngle Unknown
decalScale Unknown
chrBodyScaleHead Unknown
chrBodyScaleBreast Unknown
chrBodyScaleArm Unknown
chrBodyScaleLeg Build Detail > Head
age Build Detail > Chest
gender Build Detail > Abdomen
carricatureGeometry Build Detail > Arms > Right Arm
carricatureTexture Build Detail > Legs > Right Leg
faceGeoData00 Build Detail > Arms > Left Arm
faceGeoData01 Build Detail > Legs > Left Leg
faceGeoData02 Features > Apparent Age
faceGeoData03 Features > Facial Aesthetic
faceGeoData04 Features > Form Emphasis
faceGeoData05 Unknown
faceGeoData06 Brow Ridge > Brow Ridge Height
faceGeoData07 Brow Ridge > Inner Brow Ridge
faceGeoData08 Brow Ridge > Outer Brow Ridge
faceGeoData09 Cheeks > Cheekbone Height
faceGeoData10 Cheeks > Cheekbone Depth
faceGeoData11 Cheeks > Cheekbone Width
faceGeoData12 Cheeks > Cheekbone
faceGeoData13 Cheeks > Cheeks
faceGeoData14 Chin > Chin Tip Position
faceGeoData15 Chin > Chin Length
faceGeoData16 Chin > Chin Protrusion
faceGeoData17 Chin > Chin Depth
faceGeoData18 Chin > Chin Size
faceGeoData19 Chin > Chin Height
faceGeoData20 Chin > Chin Width
faceGeoData21 Eyes > Eye Position
faceGeoData22 Eyes > Eye Size
faceGeoData23 Eyes > Eye Slant
faceGeoData24 Eyes > Eye Spacing
faceGeoData25 Facial Balance > Nose Size
faceGeoData26 Facial Balance > Nose/Forehead Ratio
faceGeoData27 Unknown
faceGeoData28 Facial Balance > Face Protrusion
faceGeoData29 Facial Balance > Vert. Facial Spacing
faceGeoData30 Facial Balance > Facial Feature Slant
faceGeoData31 Facial Balance > Horiz. Facial
faceGeoData32 Unknown
faceGeoData33 Forehead/Glabella > Forehead Depth
faceGeoData34 Forehead/Glabella > Forehead Protrusion
faceGeoData35 Unknown
faceGeoData36 Jaw > Jaw Protrusion
faceGeoData37 Jaw > Jaw Width
faceGeoData38 Jaw > Lower Jaw
faceGeoData39 Jaw > Jaw Contour
faceGeoData40 Lips > Lip Shape
faceGeoData41 Lips > Mouth Expression
faceGeoData42 Lips > Lip Fullness
faceGeoData43 Lips > Lip Size
faceGeoData44 Lips > Lip Protrusion
faceGeoData45 Lips > Lip Thickness
faceGeoData46 Mouth > Mouth Protrusion
faceGeoData47 Mouth > Mouth Slant
faceGeoData48 Mouth > Occlusion
faceGeoData49 Mouth > Mouth Position
faceGeoData50 Mouth > Mouth Width
faceGeoData51 Mouth > Mouth-Chin Distance
faceGeoData52 Nose Ridge > Nose Ridge Depth
faceGeoData53 Nose Ridge > Nose Ridge Length
faceGeoData54 Nose Ridge > Nose Position
faceGeoData55 Nose Ridge > Nose Tip Height
faceGeoData56 Nostrils > Nostril Slant
faceGeoData57 Nostrils > Nostril Size
faceGeoData58 Nostrils > Nostril Width
faceGeoData59 Nose Ridge > Nose Protrusion
faceGeoData60 Forehead/Glabella > Nose Bridge Height
faceTexData00 Forehead/Glabella > Bridge Protrusion 1
faceTexData01 Forehead/Glabella > Bridge Protrusion 2
faceTexData02 Forehead/Glabella > Nose Bridge Width
faceTexData03 Nose Ridge > Nose Height
faceTexData04 Nose Ridge > Nose Slant
faceTexData05 Unknown
faceTexData06 Unknown
faceTexData07 Unknown
faceTexData08 Unknown
faceTexData09 Unknown
faceTexData10 Unknown
faceTexData11 Unknown
faceTexData12 Skin Color > Cheek Color
faceTexData13 Cosmetics > Tone Around Eyes
faceTexData14 Cosmetics > Eye Socket
faceTexData15 Unknown
faceTexData16 Unknown
faceTexData17 Unknown
faceTexData18 Unknown
faceTexData19 Unknown
faceTexData20 Unknown
faceTexData21 Unknown
faceTexData22 Unknown
faceTexData23 Unknown
faceTexData24 Cosmetics > Eyelid Brightness
faceTexData25 Cosmetics > Eyelid Color
faceTexData26 Cosmetics > Eyeliner
faceTexData27 Cosmetics > Eye Shadow
faceTexData28 Unknown
faceTexData29 Unknown
faceTexData30 Unknown
faceTexData31 Unknown
faceTexData32 Cosmetics > Lipstick 1
faceTexData33 Cosmetics > Lipstick 2
faceTexData34 Skin Color > Laugh Lines
faceTexData35 Nostrils > Nasal Size
faceGeoAsymData00 Skin Color > Nose Bridge Color
faceGeoAsymData01 Skin Color > Skin Color Layer 4
faceGeoAsymData02 Skin Color > Skin Tone
faceGeoAsymData03 Skin Color > Skin Color Layer 1
faceGeoAsymData04 Skin Color > Skin Color Layer 2
faceGeoAsymData05 Skin Color > Skin Color Layer 3
faceGeoAsymData06 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData07 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData08 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData09 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData10 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData11 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData12 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData13 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData14 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData15 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData16 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData17 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData18 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData19 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData20 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData21 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData22 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData23 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData24 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData25 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData26 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData27 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData28 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData29 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData30 Unknown
faceGeoAsymData31 Unknown