Materials, defined in EquipMtrlSetParam, define an item cost used in shops, weapon infusion and weapon reinforcement.

In order to edit them, use the appropriate param editor for your game.


Field Description
MaterialId1-5 The item ID of the item to be used as a material.
ItemNum1-5 The amount of the item to require in the cost.
isDisableDispNum1-5 Whether the amount required should be hidden.


When used in shops, the ID of the material you want to use is all you need.

When used in weapons, the game will look for additional EquipMtrlSetParam rows as the weapon is reinforced, thanks to ReinforceParamWeapon increasing the EquipMtrlSetParam row ID as the weapon is reinforced. This is how the cost of the various levels of reinforcement are defined.

Dark Souls 3

Boss souls are all given a row. This is referenced in ShopLineupParam and is used in trades with Ludleth for boss weapons.