Outputs a value based on input value run through calculations. Used for things like weapon stat scaling,
soul level cost, max HP, resistances, etc.

Calculations can be simplified by using CalcCorrectGraph Calculation Tool


Relevant values for example
calcCorrectGraph is being used for 200 strength scaling, 0 dexterity scaling weapon.
Players strength stat (input) is 10
stageMaxVal0 = 0
stageMaxVal1 = 20
stageMaxGrowVal0 = 12
stageMaxGrowVal1 = 50

Since the player's strength stat is 10, parameter fields for stage 0 to stage 1 will be used, as it lies between stageMaxVal0(0) and stageMaxVal1(20)

output = stageMaxGrowVal0 + ((stageMaxGrowVal1 - stageMaxGrowVal0) * ((input - stageMaxVal0) / (stageMaxVal1 - stageMaxVal0)))

Calculate ratio of input value and maximum output stage value
Max output stage value for stage 0 to 1: stageMaxVal1(20)
Input = PlayerStrengthStat(10)
(Input(10) - stageMaxVal0(0)) / (stageMaxVal1(20) - stageMaxVal0(0)) = .5, aka 50%
This means that the final output value will be 50% of the output value potential.
(note: this part is affected by adjPt_maxGrowVal0-5 when present, which adds an additional calculation making ratio growth non-linear)

Calculate output value potential for stage 0 to 1
Min output stage value for stage 0 to 1: stageMaxGrowVal0(12)
Max output stage value for stage 0 to 1: stageMaxGrowVal1(50)
Output value potential for stage 0 to 1: stageMaxGrowVal1(50)-stageMaxGrowVal0(12) = 38

Calculate Output
Calculate input value ratio (.5 aka 50%) with output value potential, then add output stage value minimum for final output value
OutputValuePotential(38) * InputRatio(.5) = 19 + MinimumOutputValue(12) = 31

The final output value is 31, which in the case of weapon stat calculations will be applied as a multiplier to stat scaling. Meaning the weapon will effectively use 31% of the maximum stat scaling. 31% of StrengthStatScaling(200) = 62

Dark Souls 1

Field Description
stageMaxVal0-4 Max input stage value. Sets input value threshold (Stage 0-4)
stageMaxGrowVal0-4 Max output stage value. Sets max output value when ‘Input Value Threshold` is at it’s highest value (Stage 0-4)
adjPt_maxGrowVal0-4 Max output stage value multiplier. Multiplier applied to output value calculations. Negative multipliers will increase early-stage value growth, positive multipliers will increase late-stage value growth
init_inclination_soul todo
adjustment_value todo
boundry_inclination_soul todo
boundry_value todo