Required Tools:

  • MapStudio
  • Yabber
  • Yapped Honey Bear or ParamStudio
  • Gimp or similar photo editing software

Creating your Bonfire

  1. Create or open an existing project in MapStudio
  2. Load (right click) the map you want in MapStudio (they're on the left side of MapStudio, you can find a list of maps here)
  3. Find a bonfire near the location you want
  4. Click on that bonfire and duplicate the bonfire (ctrl-D), move it to your desired location
  5. Click on the collision near your bonfire
  6. Copy all DrawGroups and DispGroups from the collision and paste them into your new bonfire (they should look identical)
  7. Note the MapObjectInstanceParamID (it's in the Properties on the right side of MapStudio)
  8. Click the arrow near your map on the on the Map Object List (it's on the left side of MapStudio)
  9. Find your bonfire's objinstance_xxxxx and click on it (it's on the right side of MapStudio if you're still clicked on the bonfire)
  10. Duplicate the existing bonfire's objinstance_xxxxx (ctrl-D)
  11. Change the ID to that of the xxxxx in objinstance_xxxxx (you won't be able to save your changes otherwise)
  12. Copy the name
  13. Paste that name into your bonfire object's MapObjectInstanceParamID section (you need to click on your bonfire object again, not the objinstance_xxxxx)
  14. Save your changes
  15. Navigate to your mod project directory
  16. Navigate to your Dark Souls 2 directory \steamapps\common\Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\Game
  17. If you are using ModEngine, ignore this. Otherwise copy the data from your project into the game directory
  18. Open Yapped Honey Bear or ParamStudio and go to MapObjectBonfireParam
  19. Duplicate the nearest bonfire's entry by clicking on the row, then click edit followed by Duplicate Row (you can find your bonfire by checking the Param ID in the objinstance_xxxxx for your bonfire in MapStudio)
  20. The value for your row should preferably incremented by one higher than your duplicated bonfire
  21. If you need your bonfire to be part of a different bonfire menu grouping, you can change this by swapping Unk04 (the second definition) to that of a different area grouping; there can only be five bonfires per grouping, so in this tutorial I've swapped mine to that of the Grand Cathedral rather than Frozen Eleum Loyce
  22. Change the objinstance_xxxxx ID in MapStudio to that of your new Yapped Honey Bear or ParamStudio entry
  23. Find Game\menu\text\english in your game directory
  24. Unpack bonfirename.fmg with Yabber (drag it to Yabber.exe, not Yabber.DCX.exe)
  25. Edit the newly created bonfirename.fmg.xml
  26. Find the row number you added in Yapped Honey Bear or ParamStudio and give it a name
  27. Repack the .xml with Yabber into an .fmg
  28. Replace bonfirename.fmg into your /menu/text/english/ folder
  29. Go to Game\menu\tex\icon\bonfire_list, find the nearest bonfire to the one you made
  30. Copy and paste this entry into a place of your choosing
  31. Unpack the new ic_list_xxxxx.tpf with Yabber
  32. Open the ic_list_xxxxx folder
  33. Edit the .dds file with Gimp or a similar photo editing program
  34. Take a picture of the bonfire area in game with hud off and binoculars on/Cheat Engine fly cam (You can press the PRT screen key on your keyboard for this)
  35. Shrink your picture to roughly match the size of the existing .dds image
  36. Use the eraser tool to lightly erase edges of the image to mimic the Dark Souls 2 format
  37. Save and export as a .dds file
  38. Place the .dds into the ic_list_xxxxx folder
  39. Rename the .dds to use the number of the bonfire you made in Yapped Honey Bear or ParamStudio
  40. Open the .xml in the ic_list_xxxxxx folder
  41. Change the xxxxx portion in the filename and name sections ic_list_xxxxx.dds to the one you renamed it to
  42. Save and repack the ic_list_xxxxx folder with Yabber
  43. Rename and change the xxxxx portion to that of your bonfire name
  44. Place the ic_list_xxxxx.tpf into your Game\menu\tex\icon\bonfire_list
  45. Your bonfire should now work like any other including a custom image and name