See tools and tutorials for how to edit most FromSoftware file formats in practice. The glossary may also go into more detail on some of them. Several of these formats were only introduced in later games, and many have significant differences between games.

Many of the proprietary FromSoftware formats are accessible in SoulsFormats for programmatic browsing or editing and SoulsTemplates for hex browsing. See also the SoulsFormats format summary for even more obscure formats and usage details.

Format Description
ACB Contains lights for cutscenes in DS2 (at least)
BDT, BHT dvdbnd archives containing nearly all game data
BND Usually found as [something]bnd.dcx, a generic file archive format
BTL Point light sources in maps
CTL A facegen format. From their website: "Controls & distribution densities. A binary file format. Valid for all SAMs with the same BasisKey."
DCX Found as [something].dcx, a generic file compression format
DDS Image texture format
DRB Mysterious UI format
EGM A facegen format. From their website: "A binary format containing the principal component modes as one standard deviation vertex deltas."
EGT A facegen format. From their website: "A binary file format containing texture statistics data for each pixel for each mode."
EMEVD Event scripting files used in all games
entryfilelist …and similarly named formats. Things to preload when loading a map, probably
ESD State machines used for character behavior, dialog trees, and enemy AI, depending on the game
FFX Visual effect files used in DS1
FFXResList Lists resources (textures, models, or animations) for FXR in Elden Ring
FLVER Model format
FMG Generic text containers for localization
FSB, FEV, ITL FMOD sound archives
FXR Visual effect files used in DS3 and Elden Ring
GFX SWF variant used for UIs
GPARAM General-purpose graphics config
HKS Compiled Lua script used by Havok for actor behaviors
HKX Havok archive
LUA Lua file, used for enemy AI, or event scripts in earlier games
MSB Map file containing all world entity placements
MTD Material definition file
MQB Used in Dark Souls 2 cutscenes. Can be opened with some versions of Yabber.
NGP, NVA, NVM Navmesh file
PARAM General-purpose game data config
SCNBND Used in Dark Souls 2 cutscenes
SL2 Save files
TAE Defines animation events such as sounds, effects, and hitboxes
TPF Texture archive containing DDS files
TRI A facegen format. From their website: "A binary format containing a polygonal model composed of triangles and quads and, optionally, texture coordinates, either per-vertex or per-facet (indexed). Normal information is not stored, as normals must be dynamically computed in a SSM."