For consistency with other pages on the wiki, please follow these guidelines when adding or editing pages.

1. Place your page in the correct category:

  • format for articles about specific file formats
  • param for articles about specific params
  • reference for simple reference material such as lists of ID numbers
  • tool for articles about specific tools and utilities
  • topic for articles about a broader modding topic like sounds or scripting as a whole
  • tutorial for articles describing a specific modding process or workflow

2. Once your page is ready, add a link and brief description to the main page for the category, such as format:main, param:main, etc.

3. If your article has sections for different FromSoft games, order them alphabetically, i.e. Bloodborne, Dark Souls I, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III, Demon's Souls, Elden Ring, and finally Sekiro.

4. Tag all new pages with the relevant game tags: ds1, ds2, ds3, des, bb, sekiro, er