Disable bloodshot eye:

1. Open DsMapStudio and create a new project for DS2
2. Go to Param Editor and go to DemoParam category
3. The cutscenes are determined by their map number e.g. "101020" is the Last Giant, in the map 10_10
4. Go through each ID and find the ones where UNK09 is either "0.800" or "0.700"
5. Replace the values in UNK09 with "0"
6. Save, drag the Param folder and the enc_regulation file to Ds2 Game folder and its done :)

Disable borders:

1. Open the menu folder and find 99-febnd
2. Unpack the file using Yabber
3. Find the file "l80_07_cut-scene.flo" and open it using a hex editing program
4. Find the line where "dummy" is written
5. Replace the numbers that have the word dummy with 00
6. Save the file, place it in the 99-febnd folder
7. Repack the folder with Yabber, get the new file and place it in the menu folder